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Local Area Repeaters
Output Freq Offset Tone Features EchoLink # Callsign Location and Brief Description
146.970 MHz -600 No oaex   KA4WJA Anthony, FL, SCARS Repeater
146.610 MHz -600 123 oaerzx   K4GSO Silver Springs, FL, SSRC Repeater
145.170 MHz -600 123 oe   KG4NXO Ocala, FL, MCECT
146.790 MHz -600 123 oers D-STAR G Go Gu   KK4DFC Ocala, FL, D-STAR
147.360 MHz +600 No oel(443.250)WXx EC(317403) KI4LOB Dunnellon, FL
147.030 MHz +600 123 oex   K4TVY Summerfield, FL, TVARC Repeater
224.100 MHz -1.6 103.5 oex   N4TSV Anthony, FL
444.575MHz +5 103.5 o   K4VRC The Villages, FL TVARC
444.325 MHz +5 No oe l(145.430) x   KA2MBE Ocala, FL
443.250 MHz +5 No oa(CA)e l(147.360) EC(317403) KI4LOB Summerfield, FL
146.820 MHz -600 123 oa(CA)ersz   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.985 MHz -600 No oesx   K4GNV Gainesville, FL GARS Repeater
146.685 MHz -600 No oersBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.910 MHz -600 123 oarz EC(258454) W4DFU Gainesville, FL, GARC Repeater
224.160 MHz -1.6 No orsxBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
444.925 MHz +5 No oersxBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
147.000 MHz -600 103.5 ors   N4FLA Leesburg, FL, LCAA Repeater
147.120 MHz +600 103.5 oe   N4LGH Orlando, FL, KT4AZ Repeater
147.300 MHz +600 103.5 o EC(632802) WD4WDW Lake Buena Vista, FL, D.E.A.R.S.
= Open repeater      c = Closed repeater      a = Open autopatch      (CA) = Closed autopatch      # = Uncoordinated     
= EchoLink Node     r = RACES affiliated      s = ARES affiliated      l = Linked      RB = Remote base      e = Emergency power
= IRLP Node     x = Wide area coverage      z = Direct 911 access      WX = Weather      BI = Bilingual      t = CTCSS access
= DCS Access

Listing subject to change without notice.                                                                                                                     Source: Florida Repeater Council listings

Repeater Lists (from the Florida Repeater Council)


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